Brighton Secure Parking

0000 000 0000

We can run you and your luggage in your car to and from your hotel if you prefer not to walk.

We look after every customers car, you just turn up drop it off and we will park it and make it available when you require it 24 hours a day.

The shutters are closed for night time security between around 9pm and 7am however a simple phone call will ensure your vehicle can be accessed at any time (in emergency)

This is an optional extra where we are happy to run you with your luggage in your car to your hotel door before returning your car to the parking facility.

We will also drop your car off to your hotel door when required after your stay with a simple phone call.

Charges from £5.00 each way.

Our prime service
Is to provide
24 hour secure parking
With attendant security
7 days a week
In the centre of Brighton.



Contact XXX 0000 000 0000 for any details.
Office hours from 10am to 5pm